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Which Shuffleboard Table Should I Buy?

There are many different options to look at when trying to find a shuffleboard for your home, rec room, basement, arcade, pub, or any other space you can think of. From true rich woods to modern metal, we carry many different kinds of table finishes and options. If you aren't sure which table is right for you then we hope this page will help you decide and start asking the right questions. 

Here are a few of the different types of shuffleboards available.

Size of Tables

Knowing what size of space you have available is key to knowing which shuffleboard to buy. We carry many tables from 9ft to 22ft and everything in between. Many are only available in shorter lengths while some of them expand all the way up to 22ft. Many of the larger tables have 2-piece playfields so they can be easily moved into smaller spaces in the home. 

We also carry a couple of tables that are rebound style which are great space-saving shuffleboards which have unique bounce off the wall gameplay. These side-by-side playfields allow you to fit a shuffleboard in any area with the same type of shuffleboard experience you get from a classic pub-style table.

Style of Table

From classic furniture style, elegant woodworking, to sleep modern lines, we carry plenty of shuffleboard options that can fit your home decor or space. Most of the tables are even available in custom stain options from natural woods to dark mahogany or more. If you're looking for a Queen Anne style table with elegant wooden intricacies, we carry that here. If you're looking for something modern with sleek lines, we have that too.

Knowing which style you're looking for will really help you figure out which shuffleboard table is right for you.

Unique Tables and Accessories

We also carry unique tables that are lined with LEDs, have add-on dining table tops, weatherproof construction, and rebound style unconventional tables. The light-up LED tables make a really awesome experience while playing and add an arcade feel to the game. Never be without light and ambiance with your game. 

If you're looking for a table that can double as a dining table after a good round of shuffleboard, we have that too. These tops fit nicely on the tables and match perfectly with the finish of the table. Make it a functional space all the time and not worry about taking up valuable space with just a shuffleboard table.

The rebound style tables are really nice shuffleboards as they take up much less space but play very similarly to a classic table. Bouncing the pucks off the wall and onto the other side actually adds an awesome element to the game thats unique.


Knowing your needs and wants in a shuffleboard table will help you figure out which shuffleboard is right for you. We carry many options of tables and want to help you find the best table for you to play shuffleboard. From classic home games to modern LED arcade style games, you will be able to find a table to fit your needs perfectly. 

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