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A-Z Shuffleboard Glossary

May 18, 2023


  • Angle: The direction at which a puck is aimed or deflected during a shuffleboard shot.


  • Bed: The playing surface of a shuffleboard table where the pucks are slid.
  • Block: A strategic shot where a player intentionally places a puck in a position to impede their opponent's scoring opportunities.
  • Bumper: The barrier or cushion that surrounds the playing surface of a shuffleboard table, preventing pucks from falling off.


  • Curl: The slight curve that a shuffleboard puck may take when sliding along the table due to the unevenness of the playing surface.


  • Disc: Another term for a shuffleboard puck.


  • Foul Line: The line that players must release their pucks from during a shuffleboard shot.


  • Hammer: The last shot in a round or frame of shuffleboard.
  • Hammer Advantage: The term used when a player has the last shot in a round, which can provide a strategic advantage.


  • Lag: The first shot of a shuffleboard game, used to determine who gets the hammer advantage.


  • Marker: A disc or puck used to indicate the current scoring position on the board during a game.


  • Shuffleboard: The name of the game itself, played on a long, smooth table with pucks.
  • Shuffleboard Table: The playing surface specifically designed for the game, typically made of wood or synthetic materials.
  • Shooting Cue: A stick or rod used to push or slide the shuffleboard puck along the playing surface.
  • Speed Powder: A fine powder or wax applied to the playing surface to reduce friction and increase the speed of the pucks.
  • St. Pete: A shot where the puck is pushed with enough force to reach the scoring area without touching the opposing end of the table.
  • Strategy: The plan or approach a player uses to outscore their opponent, considering factors such as placement, blocking, and shot selection.


  • Weight: The force or momentum applied to the puck during a shot, influencing how far it travels.
  • Wicket: A term used to describe a narrow opening between two pucks, making it challenging for opponents to score in that area.


  • Zone: A specific area on the shuffleboard table where players aim to place their pucks for maximum scoring potential.

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